Superior Protection 4-Ply Face Masks (1 Box x 50)


LA pro Medical Solutions 4-Ply face masks are designed with high-quality Melt Blown Filter for superior microbial protection. You won't have to compromise protection for breathability; multiple mask layers deflect fluid while allowing airflow. Mask layers are made with extra soft fabric to maximize comfort and are non-irritating.

  • LAYER 1: PROTECTION. Outer layer fluid resilient nonwoven barrier for the highest protection.
  • LAYER 2: BREATHABILITY. Deflects fluid without sacrificing breathability.
  • LAYER 3: PROTECTION. Top quality Melt Blown Filter for superior microbial protection.
  • LAYER 4: COMFORT. The inner layer is soft and non-irritating to the skin.

Not intended for multiple use (discard appropriately in waste bin after use). Store at room temperature in a dry environment.

One box has 50 masks.