"I am writing to tell my story regarding Arctic Ice Water and what my family calls "THE CREAM" I have been a long term patient of Dr. Daniel Fabito (an ANGEL among us), and have suffered many years with intercostal nerve damage (the pain can just be debilitating.) My daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis at age 17 and my other daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and has chronic insomnia. What do you do when your child is screaming at the top of her lungs because the pain is so bad, and you have already taken her to 93 doctor appointments in one year (about 2 a week) to try and give her some type of relief from the pain. Then finally, you discover Dr. Fabito and ARCTIC ICE WATER and THE CREAM. This has changed her life!!!

My daughter does not have to rely on narcotics to have pain relief!!! She is now 24, working full time, just got a huge promotion and is continuing her education. My other daughter with ADHD only weighed about 80 to 85 pounds at 18 years old. We had tried giving her pharmacological medication for her ADHD; however, the side effects were so bad that I was taking her to heart doctors because they made her heart ache and decreased her appetite to a point that I was giving her protein drinks just to have some type of substance in her. Again, we tried Arctic Ice Water.
My daughter is now up to 93 pounds, sleeping through the night an doing GREAT!!! For myself, I am happy to say, I am down to only two types of medicine and trying to reduce those medications as well. If it weren't for ARCTIC ICE WATER and THE CREAM, none of this would have been possible!!! So thank you, DOCTOR FABITO, and thank you for reading my story."
~ Julia Meddera, longtime patient of Doctor Fabito, Las Vegas NVText

"I have experienced painful back spasms for about 4 years now. Under the care of my physicians I have tried countless prescription medications and several different CBD creams, but sadly nothing had given me the pain relief I was looking for. After topically applying Arctic Ice Pain & Wellness 500mg CBD Cream to my back during a particularly painful spasm I was finally able to achieve complete pain alleviation within about 3 minutes. I was shocked and completely overjoyed to have finally found a healthy product that works and I did not have to reapply until 2 days later! This truly incredible experience led me to try the 1000mg CBD cream at the next feeling of pain, and again I was pain free in under 2 minutes. Absolutely life changing, an amazing product!!!
~ Ashley Hendricks, Patient

"The best flavored water I have ever tasted. . . with 5 great flavors and all the benefits that you get from hemp! The best muscle recovery drink I have ever had, especially after 18 holes of golf."
~ Kenny Lee, Co-Owner of Lee's Discount Liquors (22 plus stores throughout Nevada)

"It's the most refreshing hemp drink I've ever had. My clients love the taste and the hemp benefits." ~ Lo'an, Owner of CBD American Shaman, Henderson, NV

"The NUMBER 1 hangover recovery of all time!" ~ Nick James, Sommerlier