Bergamet PRO+

BergaMet PRO+ is an all natural herbal supplement made from the citrus Bergamot fruit. The multiple health benefits of the Bergamot SUPERFRUIT in BergaMet PRO+ are undeniable. Health professionals world-wide are using and recommending BergaMet PRO+ to tens of thousands of patients and seeing first-hand improvements in cholesterol, blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes sufferers.

Patients love natural products that actually work and the proof is in their blood work numbers.

BergaMet PRO+ benefits every single person that takes it. With the world's highest dosage of 47% BPF (Bergamot Polyphenolic Fraction) - there is no product that can match BergaMet PRO+ for effectiveness.

Clinical trials have shown that BergaMet PRO+ offers numerous health benefits and may assist in:

-Improving Cardiovascular Health

-Maintaining Healthy Cholesterol Levels

-Maintaining Healthy Blood Glucose Levels

-Helping the Body Metabolize Fat

-Maintaining Healthy Arteries

BergaMet for Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is the number one killer worldwide. It is a cluster of metabolic disorders. When a patient presents with these conditions together, the chances for future cardiovascular disease is greater than any one factor presenting alone.


For example, high blood pressure alone is a serious condition, but when a patient has high blood pressure along with high fasting glucose levels and abdominal obesity, this patient may be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. There is greater chance this patient will have cardiovascular problems because of the combination of risk factors.

Metabolic Syndrome is a serious health condition that affects about 23 percent of adults places them at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and diseases related to fatty buildups in artery walls. The underlying causes of Metabolic Syndrome include overweight and obesity, physical inactivity, genetic factors, and aging.