100% Natural

All of Eden Holistic's products are 100% All Natural. Our products are made with the Finest Organic Ingredients. Free from anything synthetic or artificial. 

No Animal Testing

 Here at Eden Holistic's we 100% believe that animals are people too and consider Animal Testing an unnecessary evil. We choose to test our products on friends and family. That's no joke. For years we have been creating holistic blends for those close to us that have needed help with various skin complications and pain ailments. 

The Seed of Blessing

All of Eden Holistic products are infused with Black Cumin seed, also known as The Holy Seed or The Seed of Blessing. Black Cumin Seeds have been used for thousands of years in preventing and aiding in treatment of illnesses and disease. Black cumin seed oil stands above other botanicals with its many health benefits and versatility. Black Cumin Seed possesses potent antioxidants to aid in defending your cells from damage. Anti-microbrial properties to fight against bacteria and infections and last but not least Black Cumin seed is an Anti-Inflammatory to help reduce inflammation and swelling.