Taste the difference

Arctic Ice Plus is a beverage founded by Bill Becker that is vegan, gluten free, organic, contains no sugar or calories, is 100% THC free and has the added benefit of being infused with 30mg of Hemp Extract. Arctic Ice Plus comes in five flavors: Original, Green Apple, Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, and Mango. It contains pure Rocky Mountain water, organic hemp extract, natural flavors, sorbic acid (to protect flavor) and stevia. It is purported to offer anti-aging properties, combat muscle soreness, aid in recovery and supports the reduction of inflammation and pain. In addition to the flavored hemp-infused waters, the company has added a range of products including pain relief creams, tinctures, gummies, and a special 3,000mg tincture designed to help with autism.

Available in 5 different flavors!

What started it all..

When asked why Bill Becker incorporated hemp into the Arctic Ice Water as a new product, Bill shared, "I was suffering from very high blood pressure (250 over 110) which can be deadly, and I was on 3 major high-profile medications which were doing nothing. A friend in Colorado told me to try hemp and I first thought this was just another hyped up scam.

I started drinking 3 bottles of 10mg water per day and to my surprise within 3 weeks my blood pressure was down to 145 over 80. I increased my intake to 4 bottles and dropped the medication completely as I moved towards normality.

I was so impressed through personal experience that we began developing the Arctic Ice brand which is now available throughout Nevada as a 30mg infused portfolio of flavored waters. Our goal is simply to help as many people as we can, reducing traditionally prescribed medicines and the horrible side effects they cause, and replace these with natural hemp water."